Over 100 years of experience in maple syrup production

We have been producing maple syrup from our maple groves for over 125 years. It definitely is a tradition we are proud of. Our homemade products can be found on-site, along with our prized canned maple syrup.

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Our installations and production method

Our pure maple syrup is drained from the spout put in the maples’ tapholes. The sap then flows through plastic tubing, to a pipeline that brings the sweet water to the sugarhouse. There, it passes through a reverse osmosis filter, concentrating the sugar.

The sap is then boiled in the evaporator, to remove more water. The steaming, liquid gold syrup is then filtered and canned for sale.

Cost of our pure maple syrup

540 ml$6.50
1 litre$15.00

Delivery : 450 827-2677