Apples U pick

Come pick the apples of your choice in our 45 acre orchards. On a beautiful fall day, there is nothing better than to be outdoors, admiring the beauty of the landscape and the rows upon rows of apple trees. Thirteen varieties of apples can be picked here: we have all you need to make your favorite recipes, or simply enjoy on-site

No reservations required.

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Our varieties of apples, pears and U pick dates

* The dates may vary depending on temperature.

Jersey MacAugust 15Juice, snack
MelbaAugust 15Applesauce, pies, jelly, snack
Paula RedAugust 24Applesauce, jelly, snack
LoboSeptember 4Pies, snack
McIntoshSeptember 12Juice, cider, applesauce, pies, snack
SpartanSeptember 15Cider, pies, applesauce, salads, snack
EmpireSeptember 25Cider, salads, snack
CortlandSeptember 25Juice, cider, pies, applesauce, salads, snack

Only available at the stand (cannot be self-picked)

GalaSeptember 15Pies, applesauce, snack
PearsSeptember 15Snack
HoneycrispSeptember 20Pies, applesauce, snack
Red DeliciousOctober 5Salads, snack
Golden RussetOctober 5Snack
Yellow DeliciousOctober 5Salads, snack